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The Garden Talk Salon 2015!

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The Garden Talk Salon begins its season early this year on April 4 and runs till August 28, 2015.

hughmaryWhy are we doing this lecture series? Our 2014  summer season featured The Garden Talk Salon with 14 speakers on topics of interest to mountain chic lifestyles and it was waaaay too much fun! Hugh and I moved to Dovecote from Highcote in High Hampton after 15 years and spent 2013 renovating and building these new gardens.  Join us!

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May 29: Glenda & Jeff Zahner: Evergreens & Native Azaleas for Mountain Landscapes


Jeff Zahner


Friday at 10 a.m.  FREE.

The extraordinary Zahner horticultural team, mother and son Glenda and Jeff Zahner join us with new varieties and a special tour with reception. Enjoy a talk on evergreens, hedges, native azaleas — and other challenges for landscape design in Western North Carolina mountains. glenda Zahner

Jeff Zahner created Chattooga Gardens with his wife, floral designer Jodie Zahner. Glenda Zahner, well-known behind-the-scenes as Jeff’s mother and horticulturist extraordinaire, has a specialty in naive azaleas. Both are well known for their knowledge of plant materials, particularly natives. Jeff enjoys rescuing plants from construction sites as well as propagating rare plants including Oconee Bells (Shortia galacifolia). He serves on the Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust Board and the steering committee as the field trip coordinator for the Cullowhee Native Plant Conference held each July at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina.

A field trip to nearby Chattooga Gardens follows this garden salon, so wear your casual clothes, bring an umbrella and have fun, Q&A.

Contact mpdargan@dargan.com or call 828-743-0307 to save your seat.

June 5 Dr. Lynn Dillard: Dazzling Dahlias and Mixed Baskets

lynn dillard closeup2
Friday at 10 a.m.  FREE.

Do you want show stopping dahlias and mixed containers? Dr. Lynn Dillard shares her secret techniques on June 5. Dr. Dillard, a retired educator, co-founded Scotlyn’s Yard in Cashiers with husband Scott, as a hobby greenhouse decades ago. Today, its greenhouses and gardens are known for seasonal color displays and garden plants.

Dr. Lynn Dillard, of Scotlyn’s Yard Nursery knows her dahlias and mixed baskets like no one else.  Her daughter, Erin Dillard Watson, lectured last year, so this is a family affair!  Join us at Dovecote to learn about creating mixed flowering baskets, new varieties of blooming dahlias and hot annuals to fill out your garden.  Reception and tour of nursery following lecture at Scotlyn’s Yard, just a mile away.

Contact mpdargan@dargan.com or call 828-743-0307 to save your seat.

June 12: Bring Birds & Bees to the Garden

glenda Zahner


Pollinator Gardens

Friday at 10 a.m. FREE

What would birds and bees say about your garden? Glenda Zahner, of Chattooga Gardens, shares her knowledge of bird and bee-friendly gardens. How to create one in your home environment and the importance roles these feathered and furry friends play in nature. Enjoy learning in Dovecote’s bird-friendly habitat and pollinator gardens.

Glenda Zahner, of Chattooga Gardens, shares her knowledge of bird and bee-friendly gardens. How to create one in your home environment and the importance roles these feathered and furry friends play in nature. Enjoy learning in Dovecote’s bird-friendly habitat and pollinator gardens.

Contact mpdargan@dargan.com or call 828-743-0307 to save your seat.

June 18: Village Heritage Award & Summer Tonic Workshop

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.47.38 AM

Special Event: Thursday at 5 p.m. . FREE to Members of Cashiers Historical Society and Cashiers Chamber of Commerce. Please join CHS or the Chamber when you are here!

Hankering after a restorative, historic summer tonic? Join us on June 18 at 5 pm and learn about plants our forefathers used to beat the heat and sustain body and soul. Dovecote receives The Village Heritage’s Evergreen Award at this special reception hosted by Dargan Landscape Architects, The Cashiers Historical Society and The Cashiers Chamber of Commerce.

June 19: Garden Guru for Mountain Landscapes

Edmund Taylor

Edmund Taylor

Friday at 10 a.m. FREE

Need some horticultural advice? Edmund Taylor, horticulturist supreme, is our featured Garden Guru on June 19. Come stump the expert!  Edmund is uber-educated and holds degrees in horticulture and entomology. He serves the community on the board of The Village Green and his former home garden, Swallowtail Gardens in Mars Hill, was filled with excellent examples od the unique range of wildflowers, shrubs and trees that do well in this area.  His garden was featured in Souther Living and Carolina Gardener.

June 26: Carl Peverall’s fabulous sculpture lecture


Garden Sculpture - A video

Garden Sculpture Unveiling

Friday at 10 a.m. FREE

What does it take to create a fine sculpture from raw materials like stone, pebbles, metal?  Join us as we unveil new works of art by Carl Peverall.  Carl Peverall returns by popular demand with his spectacular monumental works of garden art. Award winning and classically trained, Carl shares the motivation behind his magnificent creations as he curates each piece at 10 am on June 26. A reception accompanies this lecture at Dovecote. Love atmospheric stone sculptures? This is the place to be.

If you haven’t met Carl Peverall, you are in for a treat!

In his words:

During my life as an artist, there has been a balance of time devoted to working three and two dimensionally. Over the years, these two approaches have evolved into complimentary endeavors that are mutually supportive energetically.

“Having first trained in ceramics, I began and still use clay, fired in the raku technique, as a medium to express a very personal language that draws upon eclectic influences like quantum physics, the architecture of Antoni Gaudi and the sublime, elemental sculpture of Isamu Noguchi. My intent in these works is to follow my own creative muse without inhibition and make pieces that represent the unique character and awareness of our time.

“Contrasting this labor intensive studio work, I continue to be seduced by a love for the landscape which I consummate by painting on location, primarily in pastel. In so doing, there is opportunity to recharge by stepping outside the studio and my “self” through a direct connection with nature. I intend for my paintings to have a fresh, spontaneous quality while still honoring the character of the place and moment of their origin.

“Most recently, I have begun to work not just “from” nature but “with” nature by making stone sculpture. These new works materialize dreams that began over twenty years ago while living in New York where I spent many hours hiking through Rockland County by the Hudson River, visiting Storm King and Isamu Noguchi’s studio and museum.  For the knowledge and inspiration to take this step forward, I owe much gratitude to sculptor Chris Booth of New Zealand, his remarkable work and friendship.


Contact mpdargan@dargan.com or call 828-743-0307 to save your seat.

July 10: Jodie Zahner: Mountain Floral Design

Stuck? Can’t let your intuition let you choose the flowers or cuttings to create beautiful floral arrangement?

Come to a workshop on floral arrangements at Dovecote Porch & Gardens at 10 a.m., Friday, July 10.

Bring your own garden bits and pieces to the workshop to use as background or accent. We will provide extra materials like oasis, tape and extra filler material.

Dovecote provides a container for your creative juices to reside in! Wear your casual clothes, bring an umbrella, a friend and have great fun. Limit 12. Free. An optional fee of $35 includes vessel for arrangement and goodies.

About Jodie:

Jodie Zahner is Chattooga Gardens floral designer, photographer and web master. She has a masters degree in horticulture from Clemson, and is a member emeritae of the Laurel Garden Club of Highlands. One of her community projects is an educational rain garden at the Highlands Performance Art Center that features native plants. She designed a magnificent landscape garden that took “Best in Show” at the 2004 Southeast Flower Show. One of her favorite projects was designing the flower borders for Headwaters Golf Course. She also loves to sing, dance and make music. Jodie welcomes floral design commissions for weddings, home centerpieces and gifts.

Her Christmas wreaths are the stuff of legends. Jodie said, “I’ve never done a workshop before! I just let it go and flow and it comes together.”

Boy, does it come together! She has been awarded the highest honors time and time again at the Bascomb’s Mountains in Bloom. I’m personally going to be doing a vase and I am all thumbs. (Hugh is the floral arranger in our family.)

Chattooga Gardens, based in Cashiers, North Carolina was founded by Jodie and Jeff Zahner in 1996. Their goal was to provide plants that would thrive in our mountain climate, including many native plants, as well as the knowledge gardeners need to be successful in these special conditions.

July 24 Event - Jodie Zahner

July 17: Joy Garden Tour

9-5 p.m. (Village Green Commons)
Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 1.41.01 PM

July 18: Joy Garden Tour

9 – 3:30 p.m. (Village Green Commons)
Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 1.40.53 PM

July 18: Doug Selph: Southern Botanicals Pressed Flower Art

More information will be announced later.
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July 24: Miniature Gardens Workshop

Friday at 10 am. FREE

Bring the Kids to Learn How to Make a Fairy Garden!

Bring the Kids to Learn How to Make a Fairy Garden!

July 31: Garden Design Study: Summer Garden Terraces

Friday at 10 am. $125

August 7: John McCarley: Organic Gardening  & Fall Seed Workshop

MP- JoeMc- Aug28 Event

John McCarley

August 8-14/15:  Fit Your Garden to Your Lifestyle: 2 Day Design Event

More information will be announced later. $250


August 21: Mary Palmer Dargan: Hydrosols & Floral Waters Workshop

Friday at 10 am. FREE

Demonstration on Making Elderflower Cordials

Demonstration on Making Elderflower Cordials

August 28: Bob Dews: Magical Waterfall Study

Aug7 - bob dews

Bob Dews

Friday at 10 am. FREE